Transcript and Diploma Procedure

The official transcript is issued by the Registrar and is a chronological listing of attempted and earned credits. Students may request that any, all, or none of the student’s narrative evaluations accompany his/her transcripts. Upon completion of the program, the Registrar will send a complimentary copy of the final transcript, with the diploma, to the student.

Before cumulative records can be mailed as a transcript, all documentation materials must be on file in the Registrar’s Office. This means that every entry of credit earned or of requirements met must be supported by a properly certified statement of credit awarded.

Transcript Requests

Official transcripts of academic work completed at Antioch University Midwest may be requested at this link through the AUM National Student Clearinghouse Transcript Ordering Center. You will need a major credit card and a valid email address to complete your request.

Transcript Fees

• $5.00/each via first class mail + $2.25 processing fee = $7.25

• Fed-Ex overnight service or Electronic PDF service: $20 + $2.25 processing fee = $22.25

Note: All fees are subject to change

You may also request that we produce a transcript for you to pick up in person at our Yellow Springs campus.


The degrees conferred by Antioch University are titled Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, or Master of Education. The diploma and the final transcript are sent to the address on the Graduation Application.

Note: Neither transcripts nor diplomas will be released until all financial obligations to the school have been cleared.