Charles F. Piazza

Chuck Piazza, as a social philosopher, ethicist, organizational consultant, professional mentor, and researcher, focuses on developing leaders, organizational cultures, workplace environments and practices, and information systems and communication methods that create collaboration, foster work-life balance, and serve the common good of all stakeholders, including the civic and world communities in which an organization functions.

Through his courses he works with professionals from for-profit, nonprofit, and government agencies to develop perspectives, skills, strategies, and practical processes so they can:

  • Establish socially conscious organizational cultures and systems rooted in values that promote just, caring, and collaborative work environments, sustainable operational practices, and responsible and accountable leadership.
  • Manage with integrity, constructively address conflict, and resolve complex ethical issues.
  • Delegate power and responsibility, and empower a dispersed international workforce.
  • Facilitate complex decision-making and innovative problem-solving processes with participants who have divergent leadership styles, diverse viewpoints, and different ethnic/cultural backgrounds.
  • Accept difference, understand all sides and perspectives in situations, and strive to reach workplace solutions and actions steps that benefit all stakeholders.
  • Establish effective human-centric information and communications systems and networks in sociotechnical organizational environments that build open interdependent relationships.
  • Construct and lead organizational change and transformational processes that are proactive and inclusive.

Besides being an adjunct at Antioch University Midwest, he serves as associate professor at John F. Kennedy University in California, conducting graduate seminars in leadership, strategic management, ethics, organizational innovation, workforce issues, alternative business models, and organizational communication and information systems.

From 2000-2005 he was the Associate Director of the Information Systems Programs at the University of San Francisco . His thirty-plus years of teaching at universities and colleges like the University of San Francisco, St. Mary’s College of California, and Dominican University of San Raphael have garnered him much respect in his field, exemplified by being awarded Instructor of the Year twice.

Special Interests

Approaching workplace problems and conflicts from a visionary, multidisciplinary perspective, Chuck Piazza actively researches issues surrounding:

  • Professional ethics, innovative and collaborative problem-solving methods, and ethical decision-making practices.
  • Social informatics and social networking, particularly technologically supported organizational systems and their impact upon communication, management practices, work relationships, and professionals’ personal lifestyle.
  • Socially conscious organizational cultures and values, and practical sustainable business practices.
  • The 24/7 workplace and employee work-life balance.

His current research focuses on the nature of management, communication, knowledge sharing, problem-solving, and social capital in a globally dispersed workplace, and on the ethical issues arising from the use of information technology in the 24/7 workplace.

When not teaching he enjoys hiking, bicycling, working with pastels, and doing pen and ink drawings. That is not to mention enjoying time with his two daughters, and his 5-year old granddaughter. Besides the Sonoma County redwoods, his favorite place to live is Italy.