Carolyn Ladd

Carolyn Ladd has over twenty-five years of experience designing brand and marketing strategy for some of the world’s best-known brands,including AT&T, BP, NewellRubbermaid, USG, HP, Ashland and Valvoline. She has worked both on the client and the agency sides of marketing. Carolyn’s first foray into business was with Thoughtware Inc., a pioneer in online, interactive learning and integrated support systems. After Thoughtware, Carolyn worked as a vice president of marketing at Comware Incorporated, where she gained client-side insights into marketing. Carolyn also served as the Director of a small business outreach training program at the University of Cincinnati’s Raymond Walters Campus. Today, Carolyn is vice president of strategy at gyro. She is responsible for client research projects, marketing strategy, new product development, campaign strategy, definition of analytics and metrics. She is also responsible for working with agency teams to develop campaign strategies and tactics that resonate with customers.

Carolyn holds a BA from Ohio Wesleyan University and a Masters Degree from the University of Dayton. She spent two years in a PhD program at the Union Graduate School in Cincinnati, Ohio where she focused on organizational development and adult learning. She has completed facilitation courses at the University of Cincinnati’s Center for Human Resource Development and has participated in several intensive workshops focused on ideation tools and techniques. Carolyn was fortunate to have Malcolm Knowles as a mentor while in the Union Graduate program. As a champion of andragogy, self-direction in learning and informal adult education, Malcolm’s energy and commitment to adult learning was a powerful influence in her own life-long learning journey.