Celebrating National Library Week
Apr 12 – Apr 19 all-day

To commemorate National Library Week we’re offering to help you with your overdue library fines.

If you have overdue books, bring them back APRIL 12 – 26 ONLY along with a non-perishable food item and we will waive the first $10 of your library fine. You heard correctly- 10 dollars per food item!

All donated food will benefit the Yellow Springs United Methodist Church food bank.

This is a great opportunity to help us (find our books), help you (save money) and help the community (benefit the local food bank).

Here’s the fine print:
This does not apply to lost books, books you are not ready to return, or fines you have already paid.

We are also conducting our annual satisfaction survey. Please click the link below anytime during the year (but especially during these weeks) and complete the survey to help us evaluate our services (paper copies will also be available in the library during this 2 week time period):