Barbara Cowley-Durst

Barbara Cowley-Durst is a management consultant and educator, with an educational background in Ethics (philosophy) and Conflict Analysis and Resolution. She has taught at Syracuse University, Sinclair Community College and Southern State Community College. As the owner of Beacon Knowledge Group LLC, her clients have included Lexis-Nexis, Standard Register, Premier Health Partners, La Rosa’s, IRI Software, and Price Waterhouse. She specializes in development of e-learning and knowledge management systems, performance gap analysis, and process redesign / operational efficiencies. She has also acted as interim CEO for two small technology companies.

Barbara founded Beacon in November 1996 after holding the position of Senior Partner at Christensen-Roberts Solutions, and before that increasing responsibility at Comware Incoporated — Director of Project Management, Director of HR and Finance, Vice President of HR, Finance, and Operations, and, finally, President and COO. Early in her career, she held editing positions at
Cold Spring Harbor Labs (research home of James Watson) and Scientific American magazine. Besides teaching management courses and conflict-related courses, Barbara has taught technical
writing courses.

Barbara has presented and published widely on the topics of performance and learning. She is active in her communities, having served as a Board Member of Big Brothers / Big Sisters of Warren County and of the Chamber of Commerce of Adams County.