Application Process & Deadlines

This page will help you understand more of the requirements, dates, and details to earn your master’s degree from Antioch University Midwest. If you would like to visit campus in person or virtually, learn more about how to Discover Antioch through our Open Houses and one-on-one schedules.

If you are ready, apply online here.

  1. Complete the Online Application Form Completing the AUM online application is a two-part process.   Please note that your online application is not considered complete until both Part I and Part II have been successfully submitted and received online.

    Part I

    Part I is the main AUM application with sections that include Campus and Program Information, Personal Information, and Academic Information (Previous Education). In Part I, you will:

    • Select your program and campus of interest
    • Provide basic personal and academic information

    Part II

    Part II is a supplemental application with specific requirements for each academic program and sections that include Emergency Contact, Employer Information, Financial Aid Information, Additional Program Requirements, and the Statement of Accuracy. In Part II, you will:

    • Provide required information for your specific program

2. Write and submit an Educational Goals Statement answering each of the following questions in meaningful detail:

  • For the Master of Education degree, please select two to three of the tenets from the Antioch University Midwest School of Education Conceptual Framework (see below) and in a 3 – 5-page Word document:
    • Discuss your personal responses to those elements you choose and
    • Share your thoughts about how they are reflected in your future professional practice as a teacher.
    • Below are the four tenets from the Antioch University Midwest School of Education Conceptual Framework, which characterizes our educational programs:
      • Integrator of Theory to Practice
      • Reflective Practitioner
      • Critical Thinker
      • Educator as Change Agent
  • For the Master of Arts degree(s), please reflect upon and summarize (five-page minimum Word document):
    • What are your educational goals?
    • Why is this particular Master’s degree important to you and your personal and professional goals?
    • What did you learn about yourself in your undergraduate years with respect to your study and time management habits?
    • What support do you need at Antioch to help you be successful in graduate school?
    • Why is Antioch University Midwest a good fit for achieving your educational goals?

3. Resume: Highlighting your professional experience is an important component of your candidacy for Master’s degree. The experience and competencies you bring to the classroom are valuable to your faculty and peers.

4. Request transcripts from all colleges and universities previously attended. Transcripts must be official copies meaning they must be sent or delivered to Antioch University Midwest in a sealed envelope. Be sure to include transcripts for programs for which no degree was awarded.

Please submit all materials to:

Antioch University Midwest Admissions Office
900 Dayton Street
Yellow Springs, OH 45387

All application materials submitted become part of an applicant’s file and cannot be returned.


Apply before the deadline and we will waive your application fee

Semester Priority Admissions Deadline Classes Begin
Summer  2015 26-Apr-15 27-April-15
Fall 2015 21-Aug-15 22-Aug-15
Spring 2016 3-Jan-16 4-Jan-16


Semester         Priority Admissions Deadline Classes Begin
Summer  2015                                20-Apr-15 27-April-15
Fall 2015                                20-Jul-15 24-Aug-15

Please contact the Office of Admissions for more information at 937-769-1818 or

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Office of Admissions

We welcome your questions and comments regarding our academic programs. Further information may be directed according to your interests to the following people:

Admissions Fax (937) 769-1804

Antioch University Midwest
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900 Dayton Street
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