Masters Degrees

Antioch University is founded on principles of rigorous liberal arts education, innovative experiential learning and socially engaged citizenship. Our core values of social justice, service to community, and life-long learning comprise the heart of our master’s degree programs.

Antioch University offers a distinctive graduate education that prepares students at any stage in their professional development to be principled leaders in their respective fields of practice. Curriculum is designed to promote the integral thinking required to understand and lead change in a constantly shifting, globally-oriented world.

1. Why AUM?

Explore the links below to find out what Antioch University Midwest has to offer you, including an introduction to the campus, background on the University, and the services and facilities available to students.

2. Studying at AUM

Whether you are continuing on in your education or returning to school to complete your BA, AUM is committed to excellence in your undergraduate education and experience. Scroll through the links below to learn more about our M.A. programs and our M.Ed. programs, some of which include teacher or principal licensure:

3. How to Apply

Find a detailed overview of how the application process works by exploring the links below, and get helpful information for applying to Antioch University Midwest.

4. Other AUM Info