ILC Professional Certificates

Becoming the Leader You Want to Be

Education for the Professional

Leadership development is an ongoing journey that is required for success in this complex and fast-paced world. Whether you have your own practice or are a professional within an organization, we facilitate your journey toward growth in your career and professional capacity. Our certificates combine workshops with online study, fitting in with your busy schedule. Designed to help you meet the personal challenges you face, these educational opportunities support your ambition by catalyzing new perspectives, increasing your capacity for change, and developing your leadership skills.


The Professional Practice Development Certificate

The Professional Practice Development certificate is offered as a complement to graduate students in the Conflict Assessment and Engagement Program or may be taken as a stand-alone professional certificate. It is designed for those who wish to develop or re-energize a private practice in conflict engagement and covers all you need to know about marketing and developing a professional practice in mediation, facilitation, negotiation, or coaching. Each course in the certificate sequence provides practical help and experiential skill development and focuses on one of the following areas: marketing your practice; client engagement entry, situation assessment, proposals, and engagement close; conflict intervention; evaluation of the completed engagement; and the fundamentals of mediation, negotiation, and facilitation. A final course brings all the skills you have developed and knowledge you have gained together to give you and your business a successful launch.

Award of this certificate requires that participants complete a minimum of 119 hours of theoretical and skills-based instruction. Classes include theory discussion, individual and group exercises, and role-play simulations. Instructors and coaches encourage participants to discuss, practice, and reflect on their learning experiences, with the intent of stimulating individual growth and awareness of particular learning needs.

The Professional Certificate in Meaning-Making Assessment

Participants will learn the fundamentals of identifying and assessing the indicators of meaning making complexity along the continuum of human lifespan development. By systematically unpacking and beginning to understand the interplay of developmental complexity with other components in our lived experience, participants will develop the ability to identify, define, and assess the individual complexities of meaning-making, or mindsets; the differences between and among the mindsets; and the differences between information and transformation, content and structure, meaning and behavior. Two courses comprise this certificate. Each is a one-evening plus two-day workshop with subsequent online mentoring and teleconferences. The courses build upon one another, so they must be taken in sequence.

The Professional Certificate in The Evolution of Meaning

Overcoming Our Immunity to Change

This professional certificate grounds the practitioner in the theory and practice of constructive developmental psychology and provides the context and tools for deeper and more effective work with clients. Through a greater understanding of the client’s complexity of mind and meaning making, practitioners are better able to meet their clients where they are and then guide and accompany them on a journey of change. Each of the three courses that comprise this certificate are delivered online via our Sakai learning management system. Each course is delivered in a self study mentor model and with continuous enrollment you can begin any time you wish. The courses build on one another so they must be taken in sequence.
You will learn first about the history and evolution of the field of developmental psychology, particularly as it attends to the development of human meaning-making – what Kegan calls “the essential motion of human being”‚ and the “what you do with what happens to you.”  The second course explores the evolutionary trajectory of meaning-making in adulthood and the ways that we understand, experience, and engage the conflicts, from the banal to the profound, that inevitably show up along our journey. The third and final course in this powerful series will apply the theory and methodology of constructive-developmental psychology to leadership and mediation practice. We will focus on the methodologies of Kegan & Lahey’s Immunity to Change, Torbert’s Action Inquiry, Goodman’s Developmental Coaching, and engage in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person investigations of the theoretical and conceptual foundations for each methodology as well as the administration and practical application of each.