Adult Development and Leadership

This certificate is designed to engage students in a deeply reflective and intellectually rigorous exploration of the field of adult developmental psychology as it relates to leadership, and to conflict analysis and resolution. It allows students to focus more deeply on the nuances and subtleties of developmental theory and practice and its application to conflict and leadership, and to tailor their own practice to include its use. There will be a strong orientation toward applied knowledge and learning.

Students will be asked to focus their learning on their own personal growth and evolution, on their relationships in personal and professional lives, as well as their relationship to the field of knowledge. This certificate requires a parallel process for each student between learning the content in order to apply it in their professional lives, and applying the content to their own self-reflective practice. Students will be much better equipped to bring the developmental focus to their professional lives in leadership and conflict intervention if they have established a practice of self-inquiry and self-reflection in relation to their own meaning and experience of conflict.

The Adult Development certificate focuses on three basic ideas, as follows. As adults, our minds can and do continue to evolve toward greater complexity of understanding. As our minds evolve toward greater complexity, we gain greater awareness and perspective on ourselves and others in interaction with our world. As we gain greater awareness and perspective, we are better able to engage in and learn from conflict in life-affirming and transformational ways.

Credit Requirements

CAE-6160: The History and Evolution of the Field of Developmental Psychology (3 cr)
CAE-6170: The Evolution of the Self in Conflict: Constructive-Developmental Theory (3 cr)
CAE-6180: The Evolution of Immunity to Change (3 cr)
CAE-6600 Practicum (3 cr)