Creative Writing I.M.A.

Individualized Master of Arts in Creative Writing


The Individualized Master of Arts in Creative Writing at Antioch University Midwest (AUM) intends to help students develop robust writing skills and engage in the community of writers and readers. ‚  Students will evolve as writers by making literature; examining and interpreting the literature that others have made; and giving and taking feedback in a supportive and challenging environment. ‚  Students pursue particular areas of interest through a balance of foundational course work and individualized study.

Creative writing students will focus on one of the following areas of study:

Creative nonfiction
Your choice of genre will determine your activities and readings in most courses.

Throughout the creative writing curriculum, these threads will be woven:

Reading closely as a writer, with emphasis on the methods writers use to make literature;
Developing writing practice, including the twin arts of composition and revision;
Reflection on the writing process: from the question,   …”Why I write,  ‚  to the artist   s inner process;
Building a community of writers (peers and mentors);
Form and content area proficiency and mastery.

An MA in Creative writing from Antioch University Midwest prepares graduates fro careers in many fields such as Teaching Writing; Professional Writing; Editing; Blogging; Publication Industry (Magazine editors, journalism, Writing Agents).